FAQ – Food

What will I eat?

Food! And heaps of it.

Who’s supplying it? Us!

Yes, all meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are included in the camp fee, as are Monday breakfast and lunch. There is no meal provided Thursday night, but the food trucks will be open for light (and greasy) snacks if you have a gap to fill. What a deal!

I’m a vegetarian/vegan/fruitarian/aquatarian/am fussy/have a serious food allergy. What about my meals?

We will be providing a vegetarian, gluten free and a dairy free option – but you need to let us know if you require this when registering. If you don’t, unfortunately we don’t cater for ‘those who forgot and then tell us at camp’, so tell us early, or you’ll miss out. (We mean that quite seriously – we cater on the exact numbers).

The kitchen is flat-tack turning out thousands of meals three times a day, so unfortunately it’s too much to ask them to handle all special food requirements.

If you are concerned about not getting your special food requirements met, we recommend bringing your own food. We will have fridge space available if you need it, but please let us know in advance, message us via the contact page. There are no discounts available for not eating the food. Camp is still pretty good value!

Yes there are pies, if you have a special requirement of having to have pies. In fact, the food is better than some of us have at home, so we kinda look forward to this all year.

What is the best meal at EC?

Either lasagna, nachos, or pies. Tough choice. However, all the top meals involve meat and cheese (unless you’re a vego).

Do we bring dishes?

Three options on this one friends:

1. Use your hands like a third of the world does. Messy, but you won’t lose your hands like you might your plates.

2. Hope for the best and “borrow” your mates plates.

3. Bring your own plates!

There are plenty of places to wash dishes in hot water, so there is no need to use disposable plates. Be environmentally friendly! Bring your plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork and spoon in a named bag that will last the weekend. Bring a couple of tea towels as well.

Can I buy food?

As you know, food is provided so you do not need to spend any money on food.
However, we do have some food trucks on site where you can buy snacks like hot chips, toasties, hot chocolate or ice cream for example. So to sum it up – A little bit of spending money for food would be good, but not a requirement!

Will there be bananas?