FAQ – Safety

How secure is Eastercamp?

We have a shift-based 24hr Safety Team patrolling the site internally and along perimeter fences as well as a network of CCTV cameras across the site. Non-registered persons without a valid EC24 branded wristband are issued trespass orders and referred to the NZ Police. NZ Police will have officers at EC during the event. If you want to come to EC, don’t try and sneak in – just register!

Is Eastercamp Earthquake and COVID19 safe?

We’re pretty confident that Eastercamp is a safe place to be. We plan a whole year in advance and consult with many agencies like; NZ Police, Ministry of Health, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha, Fire & Emergency NZ and Christchurch City Council just to name a few!

Similar to other events our size, we have strict cleaning protocols in place, additional hand sanitiser across the site and this year, if anyone is sick before camp begins, we will provide a full refund – We don’t want sick people passing on germs to others!

How do I contact my young person during camp?

Cellphone coverage at camp is patchy, but you may be able to get hold of people.

If you have an emergency, and need us to get a message to a camper, please telephone (03) 354 2181 or message us from this website (we’re always checking emails at camp).

If phoning, leave a clear message with your name, phone number, and the name and youth group of the camper. We will clear the office messages several times a day during camp, and the camper will be able to use the office telephone to get back in touch with you if necessary.

Please understand that with an event this size, and depending on what is happening in the programme at the time we get your message, it can take a while to track your young person down.

If there is a serious emergency reason you need to get hold of your child (e.g. family illness etc.) then the quickest way is to come out to camp and speak to the Safety Team at the front gate.

Do you postpone EC for bad weather?

We’re tough and we know you are too, so we try to run EC rain or shine!

When you’ve got over 3000 people showing up for camp it’s hard to cancel/postpone anything with clear communication, so we don’t cancel camp unless the conditions provide any immediate serious danger to property or person.

It is important you bring gear and equipment for all situations/weather, as it can get pretty cold at night, hot during the day, windy when it’s windy, and wet when it rains (obviously).

If you have any doubts about what to bring, it’s always best to check with your youth group leader first.

Our official Facebook page is the best place to find up to date cancellation and/or emergency information.

What is the provision for accidents and medical emergencies at camp?

We put a lot of thought, energy and resource into making sure Eastercamp is as safe as possible. However sometimes accidents and illness do occur. Fear not – a team of qualified medical staff – doctors + nurses – are available 24 hours a day throughout camp at a specially setup clinic.

This team is for dealing with moderate and serious medical issues only. A leader should always come to the clinic with the camper and stay during treatment.

Serious medical cases or accidents are referred to Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department accompanied by a doctor, nurse or leader as appropriate. The emergency number provided by the camper will be used to inform a parent/guardian if a camper is referred to the hospital.

Campers should inform us of any pre-existing condition when they register. The Medic Team consults this report before treatment is administered.

I have a pre-existing medical condition/allergy. What do I do?

Make sure you let us know when you register and state it on your registration form.

We pass all medical information to our team of medical professionals. This remains confidential within our medical team.

Make sure you bring all the medication you require to camp. If you have a particularly serious condition that requires some special attention, please contact us prior to camp to advise us and talk to your group’s Key Leader.

I lost stuff at camp. How do I get it back?

Email us as soon as you realise something is missing after you get home.

We do our best to reunite lost property with its owners, but please be patient. It can take some time for gear to be returned to the office, especially if it has been taken home by the wrong person.

Named items definitely stand the best chance of being returned. We may ask you to mail us a post-paid mailing bag before we can return your gear. After six weeks we donate leftover lost property to a local charity. We do not do mass emails out to all campers in search of individual camper’s gear.

PS: don’t ring us up with a vague description of an iPhone… that bird ain’t gonna fly sorry!

What are the contact details for the Eastercamp office?

Please see our Contact page.

PS: our office isn’t always staffed (sometimes we’re out and about setting up Big Tops and baking pies etc.) so ring first. Please and thank you.

When do the gates open?

The gates open for campers at 2pm on Thursday 28 March 2024. From that time you can check-in and set up your accommodation area as directed. Follow the instructions of the Safety Team at all times. Please note, non-registered campers (including parents) are not permitted onsite to help set up.

Youth Leaders and Youth Group Parents can set up at other times. Please check the Leaders’ Guide for dates and times.

What don’t I bring to camp?

Use your common sense on this people; bringing valuable items is just silly…

We’ve got a page with all info on gear – good and banned – but since you’re here, absolutely no:

Drugs or gear to use drugs with. (You will get arrested)
Gang colours or insignia (we’re all mates at EC)

View the Eastercamp Rules here