FAQ – Transport

Are there special busses organised for Eastercamp?

We don’t specifically organise ‘EC Busses’ but often youth groups will be bringing a bus out to camp. If they are taking a bus and you are able to secure a space on it, you’ll be ensuring you don’t have to wait in the often way-too-long registration queue, as you’ll get priority check in. Sweet deal!

If you can’t catch a bus, make sure you carpool! We can’t reduce traffic congestion, we need your help.

Is there car parking available?

We have limited car parking available onsite. If you can’t use a youth group bus then make sure you carpool.

Some car parks are a short distance from the main camping sites so be prepared for a little walk. No cars are allowed onsite during the event without a car pass.  And no, you can’t have one.

For security reasons, campers may not access cars during EC. If you know you will be coming and going during camp, please advise our safety team when you arrive otherwise you will most likely be blocked in – don’t say we didn’t tell you.

When can I collect my child from Spencer Park on Monday 1 April?

Yes, all good things come to an end…

Camp finishes after lunch, Monday 1 April 2024. Instructions for pack-up will be given and all campers can expect to be involved for a short time. Adults picking up campers can arrive from 1pm.

Please be prepared to wait if your young people are not free to leave at that time. Please be patient if there are traffic hold-ups, and remember that campers and volunteer staff are all likely to be tired.

You may have had the weekend off – we haven’t! Your cheerful co-operation with the staff, Safety Team, and Police will be greatly appreciated.

Some youth groups are busing back to their churches. You should talk to the Youth Leader of the Youth Group your child is going with to arrange pick up times from their church.

How do I get there?

Many youth groups come to EC by bus – for a few $ each way, it’s the cheapest and most efficient way of getting to camp. Campers who arrive by bus will receive a pre check-in option too! Check with your Youth Leader to see if they’ve got a bus organised. If they don’t, find some friends and car pool together, it’s way more fun and you’ll be helping us out with reduced traffic congestion too. Thanks!

But seriously, how do I get there?

Coming from the south or west: Take the Johns Rd bypass north (SH1) and use the Rosebank Estate Winery Exit. Then left at the end into Main North Rd and immediate right into Belfast Rd. Right at the end into Marshland Rd, then first left into Lower Styx Rd. Right at Spencerville into Heyders Rd.

Coming from north of Christchurch: Take the Kainga/Marshland Exit off the Northern Motorway (SH1) and turn right into Main North Rd. Take first left into Spencerville Rd, right at the end into Lower Styx Rd, and first left into Heyders Rd.

Coming from Christchurch City: Take Marshland Rd north and turn right into Lower Styx Rd, then right into Heyders Rd.